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9833047_f520WebSpeak Ezine is a dynamic website. That means it is always changing. It is also interactive which means that the public is able to participate in input.

Why is this important to know? Well, for one thing, this means come back often because WebSpeak Ezine changes frequently.

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Click on the title for what is new:
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Please submit your favorite Christmas memory here on WebSpeak Ezine. No limit on the length. However do try to keep it to one-page length.  The story submitted must be the reader’s own original story. Please check spelling etc. Graphics is accepted.

WebSpeak Ezine looks forward to hearing from you.

No Christmas memories accepted after Dec. 21 for publication this year. However feel free to submit Christmas memories after  the deadline for publication next year.

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Put your business ad here! Get information by doing the following. 1. You may click the gif to the right to go directly to site form mail. 2. Email us at webspeakezine at webspeakezine.com. 3. Contact us through the comment section and mention that you are interested in advertising on the main pages of this site.

If we do not respond to your request with in three days, please mention in the comments below    that you would like to have an ad on this page.

Prices are very reasonable!



Positive Thoughts is a new addition to this website. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the first editions. Would you like to add some yourself. Please feel free to add them in the comment section. If you want to include graphics please send them through the form mail of this website.

 photo school12_zpsbehprlsb.gifRacing to Get A Good Education! Webspeak Ezine is dedicated to helping the world to get the best education possible. W.E. believes that everyone should have an opportunity to be educated to the best of their ability to learn. Go to: http://webspeakezine.com/education-learning/ for more information about education. If you have something to contribute to this section please mention so in the comment section Webspeak Ezine. Original articles etc are welcome here.


What is included on this site: Short stories, cartoons, games, puzzles, crossword puzzles, content from the web, a want ad section, Critter Chatter-section on the animal kingdom, educational content, and more. Stay tuned for new material. All is GP rated child safe.

webspeak coming attractions photo Coming Attractionscoollogo_com-318202380_zpslpq5vcxl.gif

Stay tuned to this website and visit us often. Coming attractions are listed here. Let us know if there is something you would like to add to this site. Maybe you would like to be a contributor to this site? If so let us know through the comment section below and we will get in contact with you through your email address ASAP.

glitter makerInterested taking classes for free? Want to get credit. Go to Freebie U on this site.

Another new addition, Freebies. This is a listing of all kinds of free stuff for the reader to consider.

End of new additions for now. Please tour rest of site. Original material to be published here may be submitted through the comment section below or the Contact page here on this site.

Welcome to WebSpeak Ezine.com newly design site. W.E. has been in business since 2012. Originally the site was designed with Weebly but W.E. just recently switched to WordPress. Readers please feel free to put opinions and suggestions in the comment section of this page.
WebSpeak Ezine is always looking for new talent. Want to publish something on this site? Feel free to submit original work for publication on W.E..

WebSpeak needs help from people who wish to contribute to this webzine (Internet ezine). All contributions are welcome so long as they comply with the following rules:

  1. All submissions must be original work of the submitter.
  2. Videos, graphics, videos, recipes, original games, etc. any acceptable content for the Internet.
  3. All work copyright is in the possession of the submitter.
  4. Submission of content is permission to publish on this site.
  5. All submissions are subject to approval of the editor/publisher of WebSpeak Ezine.
  6. Only GP content, please.
  7. Looking for original back to school articles, holiday content, personal experience stories, short stories (about any genre), poetry, and music, novels.

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 Positive Thoughts

Come back here often if you enjoy uplifting thoughts. Have some of your own? Feel free to submit for publication through the comment section below or through the Contact page on this site. Positive thoughts will be found throughout this website. Cruise through the web site to find them. Maybe you would like to add some of your own. You may do so through the comment section or if graphics are included then go to the Contact ( http://webspeakezine.com/webspeak-ezine-contact)page of this site to add comments with graphics.

Positive thoughts photo positivethoughts1output_HkMqZD_zpsj7nk9hyg.gif


Powershow at http://www.powershow.com has some beautiful slideshows on positive thinking. Share in the comment section below which is your favorite.

Powershow covers other topics that may be of use to the reader.

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